Sean Parker And Shawn Fanning’s Airtime Finally Launches ” All Things Digital”

Sean Parker And Shawn Fanning’s Airtime Finally Launches (AllThingsD) Airtime, the next act from Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, launched to the public Tuesday. NYT / Bits Their start-up lets people use webcams to connect with their Facebook friends or random strangers. Users can search for chat partners based on their interests, shared social connections and location. Once connected, they can talk, type messages or even watch YouTube videos together. Wired / Gadget Lab Airtime doesn’t require a download, and uses Facebook Connect to help users video chat with friends and complete strangers. Users must log into Airtime.com to use the service, a factor that could impede Airtime’s growth as a social tool. TechCrunch You could call it a more fun version of Skype, a one-on-one Google+ Hangouts with your Facebook graph, or the evolution of Chatroulette. VentureBeat But, as you might remember, Chatroulette had a serious “penis problem.” The more random people you connected with, the greater the likelihood that your eyes would be assaulted by the sudden sight of some stranger’s male organ. White Chatroulette gave birth to some great videos, the penis problem essentially killed Chatroulette’s once-big dreams. Forbes / The Not-So Private Parts One way Airtime will monitor the site is by taking “snapshots of users periodically to ensure site safety,” says a spokesperson. NYT When Americans first started exploring the online world en masse in the early 1990s, many of them headed for AOL’s chat rooms to connect with other curious strangers. But since then, the appeal of random online encounters has faded with the rise of sites like Facebook, where most people tend to interact with people they already know. Now a few services are trying to recreate the spontaneity of that earlier era, adding a modern twist: live video chats.

A Message From The Gang That Used To Work At GOOD (FishbowlLA)
By means of a new, temporary Tumblr page, the half-dozen editorial employees laid off last Friday at GOOD (along with two more who took severance) want you to know that they’re OK. CJR / The News Frontier The group of ex-staffers are now at work putting together a magazine tentatively titled Tomorrow, which they will raise money for on Kickstarter. Poynter / MediaWire Max Schorr isn’t interested in engaging in what he calls “he said/she said back and forth” with the former staffers of GOOD, the magazine he co-founded that laid off most of its editorial staff last Friday. Over email, Schorr politely expresses great respect toward the employees who’ve left and a vague sense of what’s next for GOOD: “At the end of the day, we just want to create solutions that work for the world and live up to our organization’s potential through the work we create vs. anything we could share here in type,” Schorr writes.


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